Public embroidery is small cross-stitch embroideries on seats in buses and trains. Sometimes it is hearts or animals, or a word, for example ‘Hi’ or ‘Hugs’. The basic idea with these public embroideries is to spread a positive feeling, to give people a smile on their lips.  

I have encouraged others to do their own public embroidering. Embroidery kits are given away during exhibitions and sent by mail across continents. The idea has spread through exhibitions, lectures and workshops, but also via media, books, a documentary and of course the web.

  Since the project began in 2006, it’s been exhibited at about 10 institutions throughout Sweden and Europe. Photos from some of the exhibitions are presented below.  
  Mellan realitet och sagoland, Kalmar konstmuseum, 2007  
  Nail it, Skellefte√• Konsthall, 2008  
  Konst + Aktivism, G√∂teborgs konsthall, 2012